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The building which houses Franklin Agway has been a fixture in Franklin since 1954 when it was owned by Eastern States Farmers Exchange. It is on the site of the historic Charles River Woolen Mill.


The Franklin Agway is an independent and locally owned pet, garden and farm store. Mel and Neal purchased the Agway in the end of March 2016. They live in Franklin and when they got off the train from Boston after work they would head out into their yard to garden, keep bees, take care of their chickens and walk the dogs. They use their science background to experiment with making beer, wine, cheese and yogurt as well as preserving their homegrown produce. Mel says that the Agway is a “hardware store for my lifestyle”. They have both worked in landscaping, greenhouses and flower stores and Neal has even worked at a zoo.

Have no fear the experienced “Agway crew” is still at the Agway as are the supplies you rely on. We have been adding items at the Agway and are always searching for new products to help DIYers. We have beekeeping supplies, increased the amount of canning equipment, brought in natural, organic products and beer and cheese making supplies. We are willing to special order feeds and grains for you and make the Agway "Your Urban Farm Store" carrying everything you need to “feed it, grow it and make it”. Need advice on "how to"? Come on in and ask! 

We are a lawn and garden, farm, home and pet supply store. We also offer propane fills, hay, mulchmaster, shavings, and more.  We are known for our knowledgeable sales associates and quality customer service.

The Team
Melanie Hamblen Owner
Neal White Owner
Ryan, Lisa and Sean



Mel is a plant grower, bird watcher, beer brewer, wine maker, bee keeper, cheese maker as well an "Eat local" fan. She brings Mel's plant stand to the Agway! Wonder why they bought the Agway? Watch this



Neal is a DYIer, driven to make sure you get the supplies you need at the lowest cost. If you need anythiing we don't have let him know and he will try to get it for you! He is a "Jack of all trades" and will give you excellent advice!

At the Dock and At the Counter


Our team will get your seed, feed or hay in your truck, or fill your propane tanks. They are always moving around so it's hard to catch them. Ryan is our chicken expert he raises and shows them. 

Rosie and Grato Kitty



When Rosie is here she loves to cheer you up and get pats. She also models new items for our facebook and Instagram pages. Grato Kitty stays at home but can be found on our Instagram page.

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