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Past Events:

Earthborn Hollistic Pet Food Demo with Bob Bamberg

March 4th 2017 9:30 am-2:30 pm

Bob Bamberg will be here! We call him Earthborn Bob and he’ll be here on November 12th from 9:30-2:30 to talk with you about pet foods, diets, feeding protocols and even some behavioral issues. With 25 years in the business (including 9 owning his own feed and grain store) and in his 22nd year writing a weekly newspaper column on pet health, nutrition and behavior, Bob applies known science in helping you deal with pickiness, dry/itchy skin and other common issues of pet ownership. The conversation is always interesting and folks usually come away saying, “I never knew that!”

Advanced Bee Keeping Class

MARCH 5, 2017 (SUNDAY)

Advanced Course:   For beekeepers that have had hives for at least one season and want to learn what it takes to make your hives thrive starting in early spring so that you can maximize honey yields, have less swarms, make spits and queen introductions.  This class will give you the tools and very experienced recommendations on how to expand your hives and have them overwinter year after year without having to buy package bees or nucs again.  You will be taught not only what you should be doing but explained why it works.

The advanced class will be for the beekeeper that wants to be a knowledgeable beekeeper and not just a keeper of bees with the hope the hive lives.  What you learn at this class will help you keep healthier hives year to year and season to season.  Worth taking for anyone that wants to improve their beekeeping skills.

Class will run from 9AM to 3PM.                      VFW HALL  1034 Pond St, Franklin, MA 02038

WATER and LIGHT SNACK INCLUDED.         Sign up on


Bee Hive Install With Jonathan Snow


At the Agway May 19th 2016   3PM


                              Dr. Jonathan Snow will be here to install a hive and                                                     talk about his research and tips for bee keeping.  We                                                     will be out in the yard for a casual discussion.

                                                           He joined the Barnard faculty in 2012 after serving as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Williams College. Dr. Snow received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of California, San Francisco, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School. His graduate and postgraduate work focused on signal transduction, regulation of gene expression, and organismal stress responses in blood development of mammals. He subsequently became fascinated with the honey bee and changed his research focus to the study of these same biological processes in this key pollinator. He continues his avocation as a bee-keeper while teaching and maintaining an active research laboratory.

Tour De'Cluck

March 2nd 2017 

Learn about Chickens! How to raise them and take care of them and feed them right.

Soil Testing with the URI Master Gardeners.

September 24th 10am-2pm at the Agway.

How does you lawn look after this Summers drought? Thinking about fertilizing? Have the URI Master Gardeners check the pH and texture of your soil and get tips about agumentation for your yard. See below for sample taking advice to get the best results. 

pH Soil Testing 

The University of Rhode Island Master Gardeners conduct free soil testing. These tests help determine your soil pH levels and texture. The Soil Specialists also provide basic information and recommendations for gradual correction of your soil problems. This service is provided for free and is available at various locations around the state during growing season.

How to Take a pH Soil Sample:

You will want to collect the samples of soil at the plant or lawn root zone (around 6″ deep). You should be gathering about a 1/2 cup amount from several sites within the same area to be tested. Mix them together, allow the soil to dry. Next place 1 cup of the mix in a paper bag or clean container and label it. Collect separate samples from different areas on your property such as vegetable gardens, lawns and flower gardens. Bring all the samples to the soil testing location.

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