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Marty's Lawn F.A.Q.s

Dreaming about a green lush lawn this Summer? The first thing you should know is the square footage of your lawn, then come on down and talk to Marty. Here are some of the F.A.Q.s he receives:

Q. When should I start to fertilize my lawn?

A. When the Forsythia in your yard or your neighbor's yard blossoms you will know the ground is warm enough to put down Stage One of your fertilizer and crabgrass control program. You should try to get the fertilizer down before the blossoms go by.

Q. Should I put lime down first?

A. Lime is very important to neutralize the pH of your soil. You should really check the pH first (optimum pH is 6.5-7). If the pH is lower than 6.5 you should lime first. If you don't the PH of the soil will be to low for your grass to fully utilize the fertilizer. You will be wasting your money, it just won't work as well.

Q. Can I put down lime, seed and fertilizer on the same day?

A. Yes, but do not mix them together. Spread them one at a time in this order:

1. Lime

2. Seed

3. Fertilizer

Take a coffee break between each trip around your yard.

Q. When should I put down grub killer?

A. Use the season long acting grub control mid June to July. If you treat to early in the season the chemical will not be effective when grubs hatch.

If you know you have a current grub infestation we have other chemicals you can use.

If you have any other questions for Marty, drop us a line or come on in and ask him in person!

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