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Wondering about your fruit trees?

Here is an easy schedule to follow for a really nice harvest!

Fruit tree Spray and Fertilizer Schedule

Pre-Bloom Sprays and fertilizer before flowering: Usually in March through April depending on weather so you need to check your trees.

At green-tip stage (when buds begin to show):

  1. Fertilize with a fruit tree formula.

  2. Apply dormant oil. Check weather to make sure the temperature in the next 48 hours will be between 40-90 Degrees F.

  3. Seven days later, if weather allows, apply a bio fungicide. (neem oil would be a good choice and you can use it later)

At the "pink" flower stage: when blooms show pink color but are not yet open

1. Spray with neem oil. Timing of spraying oil products is important, early morning or late evening is best to minimize leaf burn. Do not spray when flowering, you will kill bees!

At Post-Bloom spray and fertilize:

Fertilize tree with a fruit tree formula

Spray with neem. You could add some diatomaceous earth or kaolin to the mix. Try to spray this at least one more time while the fruits are growing. Optimum is every 2-3 weeks.

This is modified from the Garden's Alive Fruit tree spray schedule.

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